18 Signs You’re Suffering from Post-Potter Depression

  1. You’re still wearing your set of Hogwarts robes for Halloween even though it’s the same costume you wore last year… and the year before that… and the year before that…
  2. Heck, you’re still wearing your set of Hogwarts robes on a weekly basis. No holiday required.
  3. You’re constantly telling people how angry you are that Jo hasn’t agreed to write a series based on the Marauders or the next generation of Hogwarts kids.
  4. When the news broke about Fantastic Beasts being turned into a movie, you yelled, “Told you so!” Your spot in the movie line was reserved years ago.
  5. When people tell you to move on and accept that it’s over, you scream in their face, “Harry’ll never be gone! Not as long as those who remain here are loyal to him!”
  6. You’ve spent hours making GIFs of the exact same movie scene from multiple angles, just to keep it interesting.
  7. You reorganize your collection of Harry Potter books on a regular basis, dusting off the covers with a sigh.
  8. At least once a month, you stop in to your local bookstore and movie theater to see if they’re doing any special re-release parties or screenings of the books and films. Midnight releases preferred.
  9. It’s hard not to stop yourself from camping outside the movie theater in full wizarding attire for hours on end, just for old time’s sake.
  10. The minute LeakyCon announces tickets are on sale, you’ve already bought and paid for your flight, hotel, and registration. Cosplay anyone?!
  11. You’ve started a Harry Potter club with your friends where you rehash old theories about the books, but we all know it’s really just a support group.
  12. There may be one or two or maybe ten different Fan Fiction stories you’ve accepted as head canon in order to keep the story from ending.
  13. Then again, you’ve even refused to read the epilogue and chosen to write your own Fan Fiction to keep the story going (you’re still too scared to finish writing it, too).
  14. You’ve sent countless emails to J.K. Rowling and all the studio executives BEGGING them to adapt the books into a television mini-series, complete with your dream cast and several versions of the scripts already written for each book.
  15. You can’t stop yourself from comparing all of the characters and plot lines of The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo’s Calling to those of Potter.
  16. It’s possible you’ve registered yourself on Pottermore multiple times, but not because you’re trying to relive the magic of the first time or anything! You’re just making sure you were sorted correctly and that Ollivander got your wand measurements correct. Yeah, that’s why…
  17. When you find out that someone is reading Harry Potter for the FIRST time, you get overly excited and offer to be their Potter guru and guide them through each of the books. You have multiple copies of the books they can borrow and what an excellent opportunity to have a movie marathon complete with in-depth discussions of book versus movie canon! (None of which you’ve already discussed hundreds of times with your other Potterhead friends.)
  18. But most of all, you reread the books and rewatch the movies on a regular basis because you know that anyone who loves Harry Potter as much as you will stick with Harry until the very end.

Written by Sierra Davenport

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