First clip from Daniel Radcliffe’s “What If”

We’ve been following the progress on Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming rom-com What If for over a year, most recently when the film was retitled for US release last month, but it’s only now that we are finally getting to see the first clip from it!

Check out the clip below, where we see the main characters meet for the first time:

When the film is released later this year, it will be one of Radcliffe’s most comedic roles since finishing Potter. Are you looking forward to seeing it?

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  • Nia

    Can’t wait to see this! Dan’s brilliant!

  • Glenn Stein

    No, but that’s because I’ve already seen it. I think that’s all I can say other than I picked a different title.

  • Victoria91

    I think Dan is great with comedy, so naturally I am really looking forward to this movie.