J.K. Rowling reveals new “Potter” information on Twitter

Ever since J.K. Rowling joined Twitter back in 2009, fans have been hoping for more engagement with the super-popular author. Until recently, Rowling had been famously sparing with her tweets, updating the account very infrequently. Then, back in March, she tweeted numerous times with the hashtag #wizards4Scotlandrugbyteam, promising fans that if the hashtag gained enough traction, she would release new information on Pottermore. But today, Rowling has responded directly to a fan’s question on Twitter for the first time!

It began earlier when she tweeted a reminder about her guest edit of the BBC Woman’s Hour, coming Monday:

And though it was completely unrelated to her reminder, one fan couldn’t help asking a question that has been on fans’ minds for years. We know that Gryffindor’s house point hourglass is filled with rubies, Ravenclaw’s with sapphires, and Slytherin’s with emeralds, but…

It seemed like it might be one of those questions fans never find out the answer to – except that Jo came through for us once again (like she always does):

It’s unlikely that this will become a regular practice for Jo – since she’s sure to be deluged with questions – but it’s nice to know that it may happen every once and a while! What piece of Potter information do you wish Jo would reveal?

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  • Kate

    This confuses me, as there are yellow gems that she could’ve chosen.nnEDIT: My mom just told me there are yellow diamonds. I feel stupid… >.<

    • Francis Sauve

      there is a lot of yellow diamond, Kate. 🙂 Google it.

    • MK

      Yellow diamonds are a thing.

    • Laureen Vermillion

      They’re Canary Yellow diamonds?

  • coribug

    Yellow diamonds are actually quite common.

  • Koala

    I don’t really like all this new information being released. nnnOf course I love learning about the history of the wizarding world on pottermore (or I did until I stopped playing), but I think a lot of the magic comes from simply not knowing.