LeakyCon 2016 announced!

LeakyCon 2014 hasn’t even happened, yet, but the organizers over at LeakyCon have already announced a LeakyCon for 2016! It was announced this week that in 2016 LeakyCon will be “going back to our roots.”  This much smaller, Harry Potter-specific LeakyCon will take place in Los Angeles in the summer of 2016.

This LeakyCon will be much smaller than usual, with only 500 people, and will focus specifically on Harry Potter, taking the conference back to its “roots.” The details for the conference will be announced nearer the time.

There will also be another larger LeakyCon taking place in the summer of 2016, which will celebrate a range of fandoms, and the details for this are yet to be announced. Plans for 2015 have not yet been announced either, so there is still lots of news to come!

In the FAQ many questions regarding this announcement have been answered, including why they have announced this LeakyCon so early:

“So why are you announcing 2016 before 2015?

Because, as you may have read, Universal has announced that a Wizarding World park is opening in [greater] Los Angeles in 2016. Like we said on our Twitter ages ago: when the [Hollywood] park opens, we will have a southern California event. And we want you to know about it immediately.”

It is further explained why there will be two LeakyCon’s in the summer of 2016:

“What does it mean that you’re going back to your roots?

LeakyCon has grown into something magical and different from its original incarnation, and for some time now we been waiting for the right opportunity to produce an additional, smaller conference.

We started with Harry Potter as our only focus, and when the doors opened on that castle in Boston in 2009, hundreds of people streamed in and took in the immersive atmosphere we had worked hard to create. Their faces lit up as they saw the lights, the house colors, and the streaming banners. We would still bet you that if you ask any 2009 staffer about their top five moments from all LeakyCons, that one makes the list. There was nothing like seeing Harry Potter fans come home.”

But don’t worry – there will be a LeakyCon next year and another one in the summer of 2016 – as well as this year’s LeakyCon still to come!

Check out the FAQ here where you can find out more about what to expect.

We’re all really excited about this and can’t wait! Are you hoping to attend? Let us know your thoughts on this big announcement!