Pottermore ends “successful” partnership with Sony

Since its early developmental stages, Pottermore has been partnered with Sony. The partnership brought us the original site and three video games. However, Pottermore News is reporting that Pottermore and Sony have ended their partnership for reasons not stated. This unexpected development is causing speculation that Pottermore is getting ready to expand independently.

Pottermore News also included a press release from Pottermore’s CEO which states,

Pottermore, the digital initiative from author J.K. Rowling devoted to the world of Harry Potter, today reported the conclusion of its successful relationship with its primary commercial partner Sony. Pottermore.com launched in 2012 and has garnered millions of registered users. Sony was involved in the site’s development and provided both commercial and creative support. “After working together successfully, our relationship with Sony has ended,” said Susan L. Jurevics, CEO, Pottermore. “The partnership helped create a popular and robust digital experience for Harry Potter fans around the world. Pottermore is extremely well-positioned to build upon its success and enter its next phase in its development both creatively and commercially.

It looks like Pottermore is headed into a new stage, and of course, we will keep you updated as we learn more information!

What do you think this announcement means for the future of Pottermore? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Zemmer

    What I want to know is what will happen to the “Book of…” series on Wonderbook. After all it’s only on the playstation systems

    • Lorraine

      I doubt it. The Wonderbook series, if I remember correctly, started some time before Pottermore. And even if you can get the books (and the badges) on Pottermore, I have the feeling it’s more independent from Pottermore than we may think.nnnI’m actually more interested in if it will affect the Pottermore plataform on Playstation Home. Does anyone know anything about this? Because unfortunately, I have that aspect of Pottermore more than abandoned. Why, I think Ron’s copy of Hogwarts: A History has had more use!

    • BrianRommel

      It wasn’t sposed to be a series. Wonderbook was Book of spells was the game

  • hpboy13

    “Successful” partnership? HA! That’s the funniest headline I’ve read here outside of April Fools.

  • Winkyxx


    • BrianRommel

      it might be a good thing. theres speculation That Jk Rowling wasn’t allowed to release an encylopedia. When her new site went up there was a statement saying she had finally begun work but it was quickly removed with one stating thaat it wasn’t in the works yet. Theres some speculation that he may of overstepped sony in posting that and They made her remove it.

  • Nirali

    I hope that too much doesn’t change because I like Pottermore as is, but I hope this is better down the road.

  • Brady1138

    Does anybody else get irritated by PR talk?