Professors who have their favorites dilemma

Professors who have their favorites dilemma

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

What do you do when you have a professor who has favorites in a class? What do you do if it is effecting your grades?
Should I stand up for myself and risk detention or stay quiet and hope things change?

Also what if a professor is lazy and won’t answer my questions? What should I do?
Teacher Issues


Ah, Karissa,

This is a situation that I have had to deal with several times at Hogwarts. As you may be aware, Professor Snape, whilst an excellent teacher, was not overly fond of Harry and his friends. I was aware of the situation, and on occasions I did intervene to ensure Harry passed each year. Perhaps I should have done more, but Severus’s treatment of Harry made the boy more determined to succeed.

How long has this situation been going on? Do you think your professor will change, or is he/she determined to ignore you? Perhaps the pupils you perceive as favourites are hard-working, or have a certain way with them that the professor finds appealing. If your professor is consistently unfair on you, then you should speak to them. If this proves impossible, or the situation does not improve, then you should speak to another professor and voice your concerns.

A good student is one that asks questions, so I admire your persistence. Perhaps the professor does not wish to spoon feed you answers, and is hoping that you will find the information out for yourself. Maybe you need to rephrase the questions you ask. In the end though, a lazy professor is not a good professor. If others in your class have the same problem, then talk to another member of the department about your issues.

Yours Truly,

Albus Dumbledore

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