RUMOR: “Harry Potter” expansion pack for Sims 4?

With the Sims 4 scheduled for release this coming fall, a rumor has begun to circle that there will be a Harry Potter expansion pack available alongside the new game. This could potentially include the ability for Sims to “study in magic colleges.”


They will be trained to become wizards and witches which is hugely inspired by the Harry Potter series. The pack is being referred to as the Dragonology which could very well be an official Harry Potter expansion pack.

Of course, this is just a rumor, and it will be a while before we hear if this is real. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

What do you think of this rumor? Is this something you would like to see on the Sims? What elements from the Potter world would you like to see in a Potter expansion pack? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Janna

    That would be so awesome!

  • Joe Magnuson

    That would be insanely cool. I’m already looking forward to the Sims 4, so an official Harry Potter expansion would be really cool. As fun as the regular “supernatural/magic” expansions are, I think having distinguishable Hogwarts/Diagon Alley references would be really interesting.

  • Evelyn

    I seriously hope they do, it would be amazing!!!!

  • SaraSnape

    what would be really cool is if they actually let you send your kid off to hogwarts for training

  • fernumas

    Actually, EA would never do an official HP EP. The “magic boarding school” EP was posted as an idea in a survey for the sims 4. Nothing about Harry Potter was published.nAnd since there has been no info on the base game(if you spend a lot of time in the simming community) for at least six months, I dare to doubt they would at least rumour an EP. nAlso, EA would never do something so obvious. Of course, the idea of a magical boarding school is being considered for the sims 4 – mostly because a lot of simmers like HP, – but EA would never again do an EP or SP based off a brand or a fandom or whatever. Just look at Katy Perry Sweet Treats and how people are disgusted by it, not being able to use the items properly. Of course, maybe some girl tweens find that SP cool – and there have been records made by those girls that indeed they do – but it would be dumb for EA to create an expansion pack that is for a not so wide audience. I mean, a magic boarding school would definitely be cool for some of the people – although there would be some that just don’t like that non-realistic stuff in their game – but creating an EP based off a famous brand would create chaos. First, there are people who don’t like HP. Not saying the game was Harry Potter would kind of let them close their eyes and would bring a lot more wider audience to EA. Secondly, if there’s a Harry Potter EP, why not the Hunger Games? Lord of the Rings? Narnia? Percy jackson? Twilight? Breaking Bad? Someone on TS3 forums even posted an idea for a Downton abbey EP for the sims 3. See where this is going? EA just simply cannot make everyone’s wish come true, and if so, why make a chaos?

  • Daniel Grubb

    The poly juice potion would be great on the sims 4

    • xcvbnm

      YES. 🙂

  • I’ve never played any of The Sims games, but I would be so into this.

  • asdfghnjm

    there is already katy perry and ikea packages. and those were not well liked.

  • Gryffindor At Heart

    I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. I would actually use the imperius curse on EA game makers to make this happen.

  • Person

    I won’t get sims 4 until there’s an ep that makes it worth it. If they do a Harry Potter or at least a Harry Potter based pack then I would definitely get sims 4.

  • sims 4 is a failure anyway

    I don’t have Sims 4 (and I’ve mostly heard bad stuff about it anyway) so I’d love some HP school thing for Sims 3… I have both Supernatural & University packages but it’s not the same thing… It would be so awesome to have Hogwarts in Sims… But like “Person” I would also buy Sims 4 if it got some HP based pack.

  • B;ahh

    I would actually like to see a Sims Harry Potter game be completely separate from the regular sims series, like The Sims Medieval was. Instead of going to regular school, child and teen sims would go to Hogwarts. They would be sorted into their houses based on which personality traits they had been given. The Hogwarts professors we know should also be made into game characters that our sims could interact with. After they graduate, they would be able to get magical jobs like working at the ministry, for example. Or instead of the criminal career path (something in the regular sims game), we could become a death eater :P. In addition to the regular skills sims can develop, there should be magical skills like flying, potion making, or duelling. All of the places we know about like Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley and Hogsmeade should be available to go to. Essentially, I would like them to give us the full experience of living in the wizarding world ourselves.

  • Guest

    I’d like to see TONS of Potter items in the expansion pack. Like, what if we could study at Hogwarts, or Bauxbaton? Maybe have a bank where when you get far enough in you can hop on a dragon and jump off of it in the middle of the ocean (Hint hint.). For the most part, I agree with B;ahh. They have some clever ideas.

  • Rachel Cox


  • Sappho