The MISTI-Con fan convention kicks off its fundraiser campaign

Are you looking forward to another BRILLIANT fan convention filled with the most dedicated Harry Potter fans? Want to spend a long weekend with the most devoted cosplayers, trivia vurus, and bookworms in the world? Want to get to know the MuggleNet staff on a more personal level? Or do you just want to have the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE? Then MISTI-Con is the fan convention for you!

Over the Memorial Day weekend of 2015 (just over a year away), the great people who put together MISTI-Con 2013 will be kicking off another fantastic Potter-filled weekend, but they need your help to make it even better than the last one. The convention will be held from midday Thursday, May 21 to Monday morning, May 25, 2015, at the Margate Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire.

The Margate provides EXCLUSIVE use of their hotel. All the hotel rooms and conference halls will be for MISTI-Con’s use, and the full hotel has been reserved for MISTI-Con attendees. The hotel facilities will also include a huge outdoor events tent that will house the larger convention programming. Most wonderful of all, the Margate allows MISTI-Con to extensively decorate as much of the hotel as possible, creating the immersive environment that is part of their larger goal.

We are happy to announce that even a year in advance, MISTI-Con has a great line-up of special events planned, which include:

  • A grand Opening Gala Spectacular.
  • An original, wizard-themed, Murder Mystery dinner theater performance by Clever by Half Productions
  • Their Wizard Rock Nightclub Show
  • The 2nd Ministry Masquerade Ball
  • The Wizarding World’s Fair- a day-long event on Saturday, including a craft faire, wizarding cultural exchange from around the world, performances, games, and much more!

Therefore, the Ministry has opened up the Fundraiser event and is now asking for your donations for special rewards.

What your pledges go toward:

  • Deposit payments for the hotel conference room space and the event tent
  • Materials for decorations and creating a thematic atmosphere at the convention and for printing of all materials related to the convention
  • Fees and travel expenses for artists and performers
  • Transportation expenses of con materials and supplies
  • Marketing materials to help spread the word of MISTI-Con and make it as successful as it can be

PLEASE NOTE: Without your support there are no funds to print initial marketing materials or provide deposits and advances to the hotel and some of our entertainers. Your pledges will allow MISTI-Con to get this magic ball rolling and create a spectacular event you can all be a part of!

What do you get with your pledge?

Thanks to the creativity of the staff, volunteers, and the generosity of the community, MISIT-Con has created a selection of pledge rewards that cover a wide range of pledge amounts. Some highlights:

  • Any con pass purchased through the FundRazr (Early-bird, Ministry VIP, and Chief Mugwump) will include a MISTI-Con T-shirt. (Full registration is available through the FundRazr at a donation level of $150. After the FundRazr, Early Bird registration will begin at a $125 per pass and will no longer include the perks listed in the Fundrazr. In September, the early bird period will end, and the price goes up to $150. Please note that only those Fundrazr pledge levels that specifically include registration as a reward include registration.)
  • All contributors will have their names listed in the convention program and on a special section of the website.
  • Personalized name plates, created by Jenn Drucker, such as the ones from the doors of MISTI-Con 2013
  • A custom song crafted by wizard rockers Lily & James

On behalf of the MuggleNet team, I know we are looking forward to this exciting convention and can’t wait to see you there. Will you be joining us at MISTI-Con? Let us know in the comments below.

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