To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Question

To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Question

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I am writing to you because you are wise and seem to always know what to say. I am experiencing difficulties with who to trust. I know I have two friends that I can trust but I don’t know about one of them. I have been friends with her for years now but I never really felt close with her and I’ve never felt as though I could completely trust her. She has always done things to hurt me in the past and then when I turn against her she comes back acting like nothing ever happened and being super nice and incredibly sweet (nothing like she really is). She thinks boys are falling at her feet and everyone is in love with her. She’s arrogant and selfish and I’m done with her. The problem is, there’s three of us that are “best friends” and it’s me, one of the girls I mentioned earlier and her. And the one I know I can trust and love to death is friends with the one I despised. I don’t know what ! to do, I’m done with dealing with this bull but I don’t know how to sever my ties with one without losing the other. Please help.


Hurt Hufflepuff


Dear Hurt Hufflepuff,

I had to speak to my dear friend Molly Weasley about your particular problem, because the vaguaries of teenage gorl friendships are beyond even one of my intellect. After some discussion, we believe your friend is insecure, which is why she acts the way she does. That is not to excuse or apologise for her, but merely to understand why she behaves this way. The trouble for you is that she is not behaving like a friend, but rather as someone who seeks to manipulate others. If a heart-to-heart won’t work, then it is up to you to wrest back the control. Can the three of you talk this out? Explain the situation as calmly as you can to the pair of them. Your other friend might want to stay friends with the girl, and that is her perogative, but that doesn’t mean that you will necessarily lose her. Ultimatum’s have a nasty habit of backfiring, so do not make her choose.

I wish you all the best.

Albus Dumbledore

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  • Ben

    “Teenage girl friendships are beyond even one of my intellect” me too, Al. Me too.

    • Patronuscharm357

      oh god. That comment just cracked me up! haha