You’re a mean one – Severus Snape

Dear Severus Snape,

I would really like to ask you a question. You were really rude with Harry Potter in the school, and I just can’t imagine why. I know his father used to make your life terrible, but it doesn’t mean you should have done the same with Harry. I mean, he isn’t the one you chose his parents, right? He was just the sufferer.

I would really appreciate your answer.

Your sincere admirer:

Dear WolfPaw,

Most people will never understand the great lengths I went through to protect Harry Potter. It was imperative that I maintain not only distance but visible disdain towards Mr. Potter.

Eventually Voldemort saw inside of his mind. If he had seen kindness from me he would not have trusted me. I did every thing for the greater good.

Professor Snape

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  • Ben

    Beautiful. I almost cried

  • HP Lover ALWAYS

    Severus Snape was only mean to Harry Potter for 7 years because he loved Lily Potter,and wanted to hide that fact by treating Harry meanly.

  • Patronuscharm357

    He actually did hate Harry though……I think in a way deep down (and i’m talking WAY DEEP DEEP DOWN) he loved him, because he’s lily’s son. But it’s not something he ever would admit to, not even to himself….snape and Harry did dislike each other, and there’s the facts. Why do they always have to give people the answers they want? some of these letters are great, but others…are too untrue to the characters and canon of the books.