Alfonso Cuarón to direct “Fantastic Beasts”?

Last week the release date for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film was finally announced for 2016. Now, the rumors have begun to fly over who will direct the film, as well as who will be cast in the main roles. Today, a strong lead has emerged for who could direct.

According to Nikki Finke, who is the founder and editor in chief of Deadline Hollywood, Alfonso Cuarón, the director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is “deep in talks” to direct the film:

Nothing has been officially announced, yet, and this could be the first of many rumors we hear over the coming weeks – and months! Hopefully, we’ll learn something new very soon!

Whom would you chose for director? Do you think Alfonso Cuarón would be a good pick? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Guest


  • Amin

    Alfonso is perfect for any artistic undertaking. Therefore they should do everything to make him feel artistically free and comfortable to create and lead this film.

  • Lowri

    I really hope Alfonso Cuaron gets it, he took Harry Potter in the right direction with POA so I trust him completely for Fantastic Beasts.

  • soniadelvalle


  • declan casey

    I absolutely hope not. Gravity was hella boring and POA was childish, melodramatic, and cheesy.

  • Igor

    I hope he will direct the movie. His style is among the most characteristic and aesthetic in Hollywood, and I think it would be great, colorful and unique trilogy.

  • Adam

    I hope so! He was my favorite of all the HP directors. I wish he had signed on for GOF.

  • Semprasectum

    Sorry, but this is bad news. . this guy will butcher this one just like he butchered PoA. … he’ll most likely have all the animals pro-creating with each other. .. .can we say Hippogriff and a barn owl? just pathetic, IMO

  • Gryffindork13

    This is good news. The only problem with POA is that important plot lines were left out. Artistically and stylistically POA is awesome and it is the best looking Potter film in my opinion. It added a quirkiness to the films that I think was a nice touch. Alfonso will be perfect for Fantastic Beasts because there are no book plots or things to be left out. Alfonso was not the problem with POA, the lack of Marauders explanation was.

  • Kristen Keys

    I really, really dislike the POA film, because of Cuaron’s directing and how he ruined my favorite book due to how bad the movie was. BUT I have liked his work recently and feel he could do a great job with Fantastic Beasts, because there isn’t really much to base it off of and ruin for me.

  • hpboy13

    Merlin forbid. This is pretty much the only thing that would induce me not to see FB, but I refuse to watch Cuaron further bastardize HP.

    • Black

      But FB is not HP

  • Sirus Black

    If this is true, this piece of news will not just make my day. IT WILL MAKE MY YEAR!!! MY FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE Director coming back to make my most anticipated movie. God, please let this be true! I should add that Alfonso has quite a good reputation thesedays (do I need to tell you why) AND he has no upcoming big projects (according to IMDB) AND he has a very successful past relationship with both WB and David Heyman which is evident in their trust in producing Gravity (but I don’t think David is attached to Fantastic Beasts, is he?)

    • Juul

      David Heyman is actually already producing the film(s)!ni really hope alfonso will direct, azkaban is my favorite potter film 🙂

  • Steelsheen

    Cuaron directing this might actually be a very good idea. Unlike POA, JKR is writing FB directly as a screenplay, so the usual problems with adapting a novel into a film are thankfully avoided. for all my issues with the POA movie I will say it is a beautifully rendered film, so at least visually, we know Cuaron can deliver the HP goods. it’s also incredibly convenient to have Cuaron do this since he has clearly forged a great working relationship with Heyman and JKR, and given that he’s gotten his feet wet already with POA, he should be more familiar and at ease diving into another HP project, and this time around, will certainly play more to his strengths.

  • Kat

    I LOVE THIS IDEA.nnAlfonso gets a lot of unwarranted crap when it comes to Prisoner. He didn’t write the script folks. That fell to Steve Kloves. If you want to blame someone for plot lines left out, blame him. Prisoner is a GORGEOUS movie, from the cinematography to the tonality and mood. nnAlfonso has never been more on top of his game, and would knock FB out of the park. I am all for this. 1000%.