Alfonso Cuarón’s “Believe” canceled

Disappointing news for fans of Alfonso Cuarón’s fantasy series, Believe – NBC has axed the show after just one short season. The series reportedly had 6.8 million viewers, including DVR playback.

Cuarón (director of Prisoner of Azkaban) was a creator and executive producer of Believe. The drama, which featured a young girl with supernatural powers, premiered in March to mixed reviews.

Did you enjoy Believe? How do you feel about seeing it cut short?

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  • katie

    noooooo, How can they axe such a good show, i loved it, the story and acting were both fantastic. P.s I love when Alfonso does work of this kind. i hope he does something else great to replace the big black hole that this being cancelled has left in me.

  • RickJM

    That show was awful. Might have worked as a movie.