Daniel Radcliffe dispels rumors, says he has had “no involvement” in Escape from Gringotts

As details about the Escape from Gringotts ride in the Diagon Alley emerge, rumors have abounded that the trio reunited to film new scenes for the theme park expansion, but in an interview with the Daily Beast, Daniel Radcliffe has set the record straight.

He says of the rumors,

I know nothing about that. They may very well be using existing footage that we’d already filmed for the movies, but I have had no calls or involvement in that. A while ago they asked me to do more stuff for the theme park, and that was my moment to try and draw a line because that theme park is going to keep expanding, and keep going to more countries, and there’s going to come a point where I’m going to be 30 years old, and if I [were] still doing that then, that would be a huge problem.

This may come as a surprise to fans who have visited Universal Studios and ridden Forbidden Journey, housed inside the spectacular replica of Hogwarts, where Radcliffe makes multiple appearances. Then again, with the actor constantly taking on new projects (like this one), we can certainly understand not wanting to re-don his Hogwarts robe. Still, as the actor points out, they may use old footage – we’ll just have to wait and see!

In the interview, Dan also speaks about his relationship with fellow Potter stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson:

The last person I saw from Potter was Rupert, actually, and I saw him a couple of months ago at a theater awards thing in London. I also saw him in this play in London he did, Mojo, and he was brilliant in it. It’s a dark play about gangsters in the ’50s. But yeah, that’s really the extent of my contact. I haven’t spoken to Emma in a long, long while, but we’re all busy, and it’s been exciting to work with different people.

If the news that the three don’t speak too often has got you down, you may want to check out MuggleNet’s coverage of that “theater awards thing” – it certainly was exciting to see Dan and Rupert together again!

Finally, Dan dispelled one other rumor that’s been popping up on the Internet lately – he’s not engaged!

No! Absolute bollocks. Absolute bollocks.

Glad we cleared that up!

How do you think Universal will handle Daniel’s refusal to film additional scenes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • JB

    Seems like a douche bag.

  • Ana

    I would love to see him in it, but he’s got a point there, i totally understand his side.

  • Bridget Day

    I think he has a point. I mean he can’t live off of Harry Potter forever nor should he want to. Besides he wants to expant on his charecterbase and he doesn’t want to be typecast for the rest of his life.

  • Steelsheen

    Dan has a very valid point, it’s not just the obvious career issue as an actor, but as a human being he can’t keep doing this– trying to pass himself off as his younger self. he is blessed with his eternally youthful looks, but that doesn’t give anybody a free pass to keep dragging up HP favors to him. he has done so much to help make the WWOHP into a truly magical place that it is, now he should be left well alone on HP things, at least for a really really long time.