Daniel Radcliffe featured in “Papermag”

Daniel Radcliffe has been featured in this month’s “Theater” section of Papermag, available online now. The article briefly summarizes Dan’s career in theater since he ended his role in the Harry Potter series in 2011.

For the interview, Dan talks about what it was like to learn to play a character with a disability for The Cripple of Inishmaan:

I worked on the physicality for about three or four months with a voice teacher, who has a very mild form of cerebral palsy, which is what I had chosen to base Billy’s condition on. It’s definitely one of the challenges of the part, but I feel good about the place I got to. I see Billy as somebody who does not pity himself; he’s very practical. He’s an incredibly strong, dynamic character within his disability.

He also talks living in New York City as well as some funny moments with social media:

There was one very funny moment where my dad spotted something somebody tweeted about having seen me rehearsing for Inishmaan with a pair of tap shoes. I actually had been rehearsing for something else, which required dance, and apparently somebody was like, ‘Wait, does he tap in this production?’ I’m not sure how much Martin would have approved of my changes to his play if I had been like, ‘Hey, can I make this into a jazzy musical number?’

Papermag also set up a photo shoot for Dan with photographer Louie Banks, and the photos can be seen below:

To read the full article, visit the Papermag website.