Editorials Serial Feature: “Becoming Harry Potter”

Have you ever read the Harry Potter books and said, “I wish I were Harry?” “I wish I were born with a lightning bolt scar?” “I wish I were a wizard?” “I wish I were humble and brave and talented and unknowingly famous?”

If you have, then the good news is that you can become Harry. Maybe not in the sense that you will wake up with a lightning bolt scar, unfathomable powers, and a quest to vanquish the Dark Lord, but you can become the Harry of your world. You can become the Harry of your school. The Harry of your workplace. The Harry of your family. Of your friends. You can be the you-version of Harry.

Or, perhaps, you don’t fancy Harry much—not enough to be him. You’d rather be Hermione or Ron or Ginny or even Neville. The great news is that you can be the you-version of any characters you choose. Dumbledore said,

“It matters not what someone is born but what they grow to be.”

The Becoming Harry Potter editorial series is dedicated to helping you “grow to be” the character you choose to be. Perhaps you want to be a little bit Hermione, a little bit Ginny, and throw in a sprinkling of Luna. We’ll be laying out a Marauder’s Map to guide you there.

To begin the transformation, pour yourself a cup of Polyjuice Potion and decide whose hairs or fingernails or other bits you want in your cup. Pinch your nose. And bottoms up!

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Check back next week for the first post in the series: Identifying Your Scar