First look at Alfie Enoch in new ABC drama “How to Get Away with Murder”

We reported back in February that Alfie Enoch (better known as Hogwarts alumnus Dean Thomas) had landed a role in the upcoming ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder. And now we have our first look at the new show!

Alfie plays Wes Gibbins, an American law student who finds himself in the class of criminal defense lawyer Annalise DeWitt (Viola Davis). DeWitt soon finds herself embroiled in a murder plot, along with her ambitious new students.

How to Get Away with Murder will air Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET in the fall.

Has this video gotten you excited for Alfie’s new show? Do you like his American accent? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Toni Cooper

    I think this looks really interesting and will have to remember to take a look when it airs. It’s also wonderful to see Alfie broadening his acting career – obviously he had Potter under his belt for 10 years but then making appearances in popular shows like Sherlock, hitting the stage with distinguished actors such as Tom Hiddleston and now this. It’s great he’s trying so many different genres and I really hope this series takes off well.

  • Steelsheen

    my this trailer is incredibly promising, I hope the show does live up to the potentials this trailer has. I’m always so happy to see Alfie being given a chance to strut his stuff since the HP movies kinda shortchanged his Dean Thomas.nnhis accent sounds fine in this trailer, but his voice sounds like it’s an octave higher than his real voice. maybe he did that on purpose? I dunno, I jz find it funny lol

  • M. Gabriela Sosa

    It looks like a great show. I read the synopsis and didn’t find it appealing, but it looks interesting. Might have to give it a try.