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Is Alfonso Cuarón the right fit to direct “Fantastic Beasts”? We share two very opposing views on this subject

Is Alfonso Cuarón the right fit to direct “Fantastic Beasts”? We share two very opposing views on this subject

Recently, MuggleNet reported on the rumor that surfaced last week from the Twitter account of Nikki Finke – the founder and editor-in-chief of Deadline Hollywood – that included Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón as “deep in talks to direct JK Rowling’s Harry Potter spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts.’”

This type of news caused a buzz within the fandom, and not all of it was positive. In fact, while there are many fans who would be thrilled for this choice of director given the recent success of Cuarón with Gravity, there are many others who feel his adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban was, shall we say… UNFORGIVABLE!

To firmly discuss the two separate sides, we asked two of our brilliant writers to share their viewpoints:

  • Caleb Graves, Senior Editor for MuggleNet and co-host of Alohomora!, shares his view as to why Cuarón is the PERFECT choice, and
  • Irvin K., aka hpboy13, our editorialist for the Three Broomsticks, shares his view on why Cuarón is a TERRIBLE choice.

You can read each of their separate views RIGHT HERE, and when you are finished, be sure to let us know your thoughts of Cuarón directing Fantastic Beasts by sharing your comments with us directly below the editorial.

You can check out all of our past editorials in the Quibbler right here.

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  • link

    As long as they get John Williams to score the soundtrack I don’t care

  • Mr.MO

    For me, i think Alfonso is the best choice. I Think the way he sees the world of HP fits in the environment of the movie, crazy and creepy things, a crazy journey.nAnd I chose Desplat for the score.

    • Felicia

      Alexandre Desplat is a wonderful composer, and I think his style fit well with the last two movies. However, I also think John Williams, as the original composer and composer of so many other fantasy series, is the only one who can give this new wizarding world series the magic it deserves.