J.K. Rowling to post daily reports from Quidditch World Cup this week on Pottermore

Pottermore is set to publish more new content from J.K. Rowling this week, in the form of daily reports from the Daily Prophet‘s Quidditch correspondent Ginny Potter, who will be reporting live from the first round of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

Last month, Pottermore opened the Daily Prophet‘s offices in Diagon Alley, which included two reports on the opening ceremony and the first match of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup: Norway vs. Ivory Coast. These reports follow Rowling’s two pieces of exclusive writing, “History of the Quidditch World Cup” and “Quidditch World Cup (1990–2014),” which were posted on the site in March to the delight of Harry Potter fans worldwide and join over 60 pieces of exclusive new writing by the author on Pottermore.

The daily reports will begin tomorrow, with coverage of the second match of the tournament, Nigeria vs. Fiji. Find out which teams will advance to the quarter-finals in the latest edition of the Daily Prophet on Pottermore. Are you excited to read these daily reports? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Steelsheen

    oh this is cool! I quite enjoyed her first entries on this so I’m glad she’s continuing it. and as always, really eager to see more of Pottermore realized as a full on HP world like in the books.