Jonny Duddle’s “Chamber of Secrets” cover to be revealed

As we reported earlier in the year, illustrator Jonny Duddle (who has previously designed for the geniuses behind Wallace and Gromit) has been working hard on giving all the Harry Potter book covers a brand new look. Now, Bloomsbury has taken to Twitter to tell us when the Chamber of Secrets cover will be revealed… this Tuesday!! This is what they had to say:

Be sure to set those reminders, and wait patiently (and eagerly) for this shiny new cover to come online!

Are you excited to see the new cover? Were you a fan of Duddle’s version of Philosopher’s Stone? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Emmanuel Oquendo

    Can’t wait to see it! I like his style and what he did with the cover of the first book.

    • Kristen Keys

      I agree! I can’t wait to see what he does for CoS!

    • Toni Cooper

      I agree also. His Philosopher’s Stone cover had such a magical feel to it that I’m very intrigued as to how the others will turn out & if they still have that same vibe. Eagerly awaiting this next cover!

  • Carol

    Loved the first cover and looking forward to seeing what the next one will look like, just as brilliant I should imagine x

  • Sirius Black

    Since all 7 titles will be released with new covers on Sept. 1st, I think we will see new cover art for the remaining 6 books pretty soon. God, why is it still super exciting to see a new HP book cover after watching 8 movies and reading all 7 books?

  • declan casey

    I feel like he doesn’t have the knowledge of the series he needs to have in order to illustrate these books. I feel like they are too juvenile. There needs to be more versatility in the artwork. Basically, what I’m saying is that I thought Grandpré and Kibuishi created good covers that were more versatile, and didn’t look too childish, nor too out of place and drastically different in tone. I feel like the covers of grandpré and kibuishi appealed to the middle ground between Young adults, Tweens, and adults. These illustrations look like they belong in a simple picture book. Not a series that gets extremely dark and complex like Jo’s series does, and I think the childishness of them all comes down to the fact that he’s only seen the first movie, and is only just beginning the third book.

    • Martin Miggs

      Seriously? He hasn’t even read them all…. I didn’t even know those people still existed xD