Potter Twitter Roundup: A Seal of Approval

Calling all Potterheads! New actors confirmed for LeakyCon 2014.

With a lineup this good, you’ll want to register for tickets pretty soon.  Already booked? Then check out how much the theme park has grown of late.


Exciting news this week! 

Be sure to add your comments to our casting discussions.

The Jessie Cave Tweet of the Week.

Writing these posts, you come across some mighty bizarre themes in peoples’ tweets. This week, pinnipeds took center stage. 

This suit just doesn’t get old!

And the Do-gooders of the Week are once again the Phelps brothers.

As we finish this roundup, the stars are beginning to arrive at the BAFTA TV awards in London tonight.

Head back later to find out the Potter winners from this evening’s awards.

EDIT: The winners have been announced!

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