Updated: Rupert Grint admits he can’t cook

In a small interview featured on Film-News.co.uk, Rupert Grint admits that he gets a few freebies now and again, including the can of Heinz soup that he got at the beginning of the year due to the help he’s given to charity Starlight.

I got a can of Heinz soup with my name on it. It said, ‘Get well soon, Rupert.’ I wasn’t even sick. I was perfectly fine. It was from a charity; they’re doing a personalised soup campaign, and it just turned up. I haven’t had it yet. It lasts for ages, doesn’t it, soup.

On the subject of food, he then confesses that he’s not one for cooking:

I don’t cook. But I have an ice cream van, and I’ve perfected the 99 [soft ice cone]. It’s got the machine, which is tricky. It’s a complicated wrist action to get the perfect whip.

During the same interview, he also reveals that the last film that he walked out on was Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, saying that he “couldn’t handle it… maybe it was the 3D thing.”


Update:  We can now report that the above questions were taken from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, where Rupert took part in their “How much is a pint of milk” Q&A. The interview is a fun one, where he answers the most random of questions, some of which you may even have wondered the answers to yourselves. Here are just a few of the other questions he was asked:


How much is a pint of milk? I think – it’s been a while – something like 40p? 50? I don’t really drink milk.

On a scale of one to ten, how famous are you? I’m going to say a 6.5.

Can you play a musical instrument? I can play the didgeridoo fairly well. I’ve tried a variety of instruments in the past – accordion, sax, guitar, and never really clicked with any of them. But the didgeridoo, I can make a pretty decent noise. I acquired one quite early on, when I was quite young. It went from there really. It’s quite a tricky technique, you have to do this circular breathing thing where you have a continuous breath. 

What’s you favourite word? I like phlegm. Always have. It’s quite ridiculously spelled as well. So many silent letters.

Which film have you seen more than any other? I’ve seen Little Shop of Horrors many times, and Toy Story – I can quote that word for word.

Who’s the most famous person in your phone book? Dizzee Rascal. He’s in my phone as ‘Dizz’. I’ve only met him once and we’re not friends, we’ve never stayed in contact. I can’t even remember how he’s in my phone.

Have you ever been starstruck? Alan Titchmarsh really affected me. That was weird. I don’t really understand why. I really felt it physically – my mouth dried up. And also Leo Sayer. It was really awkward because he thought I was Ed Sheeran and he complimented me on my music and said I had a great voice.


Does anyone else find it a tad bit of a Harry Potter-related coincidence that his favourite word is phlegm? You can view a scan of the full article below.

Rupert Grint  - Empire article

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  • amber castor

    That’s so cute, I can’t cook too well either. Mostly just put stuff in a crock pot and call it good.

  • DesiJ

    Somehow I never did think he was one for cooking. Now I know haha