Warwick Davis “would love” role in new “Star Wars”

Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick/Griphook) has been busy recently. Only this weekend he appeared at the second 2014 Star Wars Weekend, where he appeared alongside other Star Wars cast members Jeremy Bulloch and Tiya Sircar. Check out some photos from the event here.

Of course, there has been plenty of talk about Star Wars recently, with the announcement of the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII made last month. Many Potter names are already associated with the new film – John Williams was announced as composer for the new films, and Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley) was revealed to be a cast member.

Of course, Warwick has ties with the Star Wars series already – he played Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, as well as having roles in Phantom Menance. Warwick is as part of the Star Wars fandom as much as he is the Harry Potter fandom. Warwick has spoken now about how much he would like to be involved with the new films:

I don’t think there’s a chance the Ewoks will return [since] this film is 30 years beyond that story, but that said, the Star Wars galaxy is full of all sorts of unusual characters, so you never know; there might be something for me.

I hugely enjoy creating those sorts of characters anyway. I’ve dropped enough hints over the years. If there was something I’m pretty sure they would come calling.

Warwick further said,

It would be lovely to be able to say in the future ‘Yes, I made an appearance in all the trilogies – the prequels, the classic trilogy and the sequels.’ Who knows? At this point it remains to be seen. I would love to do it. It’s lovely that in the past I’ve been accepted into the Lucas Films family, so it would be nice to be included. You never know – the phone could ring anytime.

Commenting on the announcement of the cast, Warwick said,

I thought it was just the most amazing photograph with them all assembled together in the same room. You could see why that would excite the Star Wars fans, those iconic actors and their characters assembled in the same room together again.

I’m thrilled that they’ve decided to do this. It’s going to be great. I’m a huge Star Wars fan… I have been since I was seven years old. Apart from the fact that I’ve been involved with the films, from the perspective of somebody who enjoys them, it’s really fantastic.

Warwick also talked about the Star Wars fandom:

Star Wars is very much alive. The new film will only enhance that and bring along a whole legion of new fans.

Warwick further discussed his experiences on set, as well as the collection of Star Wars toys he accumulated over his time on set. Warwick also talked about what it was like to be Yoda for a day:

They made me the Yoda outfit, and what was amazing the day I walked onto the set and I put on Yoda’s hands [is that] I looked inside the cuff of the gloves that I put on, and it said ‘Frank Oz’ (the legendary puppeteer who worked on Sesame Street and The Muppets).

These were the original gloves that Frank would use when he was the puppeteer operating Yoda. It was such a huge honour, and it’s a lovely bit of trivia I can tell people – that yes, one day I did play Yoda.

Read the full interview here.

On TV, Warwick recently took part in the BBC quiz show The Guess List, which is available on Iplayer now.

Would you like to see Warwick in the new Star Wars film? Let us know your thoughts!


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  • Carol

    Yes I’d love to see Warwick Davis in the new Star Wars Movie, love Warwick he’s a fab actor and he’s a lovely person, hope he gets a part. Good Luck Warwick x