“What If” film trailer released!

Over the past few weeks, several stills for Daniel Radcliffe‘s upcoming film, What If, have been released. Now – finally – the trailer for the film has been released!

Check it out below:

In a new interview, Daniel also spoke about the subject matter of the film – can men and women be just friends?

I’ve got loads of female friends, but I think it’s a different question when sexual or romantic attractions come into play. Can two people who are romantically attracted to each other just be friends? Possibly not, because I think in the end, you’re always going to end up having the conversation. It may be that you have the conversation where you confess your undying love for her, and then you work it out from there. Or it may be that you end up getting together, or it may be that you end up never speaking again.

He also commented on the chemistry between Zoe Kazan and himself:

I think it was probably the first scene in the diner, when we were just throwing stuff out there and trying to make each other laugh. I made her laugh a couple of times, and I always think that’s a good sign. It was obvious from then that we were going to be able to work well together and play off each other well.

Daniel also touched on Potter and his post Potter career:

My prior associations with Potter have certainly not held back any of the films I’ve done since. So I’m hopeful that the trend continues — that people are starting to see me as an actor rather than just Harry. But I’ve always said: All I can do is what I’m doing, which is varied and interesting work. The rest is up to everyone else.

Read the interview in full here, and visit the film’s official website here. The film is due to be released August 1 in the US and August 22 in the UK.

It’s great to see Daniel in a light and funny role that’s different from his recent projects. What do you think of the trailer? Are you getting excited about seeing the film when it comes out? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Carol

    I think the trailer looks quite good and funny. I’m not normally a comedy film person but you never know I might give this one go x

  • Gabe Stackhouse

    It seems somewhat sappy and cliche, but sometimes movies can have a lot of original ideas under all the cliches. This one could surprise you.

    And that last line gave me a good laugh!

  • PotterFan1029

    Looks a bit better than your average rom-com

  • Rose ✿◠‿◠

    Well, I love a sappy rom-com so I’m very excited about this! Seeing Dan do comedy is always the best. 🙂

  • harryfan123

    looks so good!

  • Lux

    Definitely have seen this movie before (When Harry met Sally) and I normally hate these types of films. Watching Daniel grow up in HP was kind of irritating, at times I hated this acting. But as he gold older, he really started to blossom and I couldn’t take my eyes of him in this trailer. Loved his character in just 3 minutes, I’m looking forward to this film!

  • Toni Cooper

    I think this film looks great. I remember seeing Zoe Kazan in Ruby Sparks and although the movie was quite different from your every day rom-com, it was a film I very much enjoyed, which bodes well for seeing this film I think. It’ll be refreshing to see Dan in this type of role…plus, I’m a real sucker for these types of movies.