CC #389: Week of June 8, 2014

CC #389: Week of June 8, 2014

Week of June 8, 2014

It took Harry a while to notice that a few people had walked in on his snogging session with Ginny.
‘We heard there was food.’
Kingsley: ‘This party’s over!’ *Pulls out lightsaber*
Bellatrix: And on the red corner, here is Kingsley Shacklebolt, and his second… wait… you can’t have that many seconds!
Kingsley: Yeah, like Voldemort won’t swarm us with Death Eaters when he loses…
What shows up at your door if you attack J.K. Rowling over Twitter for her opposition to Scottish Independence.
Ron: *Off-screen* ‘Harry, five Euros says you can’t pick up the 7/10 split…’
The party don’t start ’til we walk in.
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