Geraldine Somerville “thrilled” at the success of on-screen son, Daniel Radcliffe

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Geraldine Somerville, best known as Lily Potter in the Potter series, shared some of her treasures from her home in Hampshire that she shares with her husband and three children.

One of the pieces she selected is the necklace pictured below.


Geraldine describes the necklace, saying,

This little treasure was made for me by my son Casper, and I wear it all the time. Casper is 11, the same age Daniel Radcliffe was when we started doing the Harry Potter films – I played his mother. I became extremely fond of my on-screen son and am thrilled at his success.

Geraldine currently stars in the new BBC One series Quirke, which also stars Sir Michael Gambon. You can check out a trailer for the crime drama right here!

Have you been watching Quirke? What do you think of the series? Let us know in the comments!

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  • aaw its so nice!

  • Jenny E

    This is ADORABLE.

  • Stephanie

    That is so nice!! It’s so nice to see people who play on screen together to be able to bond off screen.

  • Kym Min

    How sweet! I really miss the films *puts DVD of first film and watches with box of tissues*

  • Kathryn Marshall

    This is really adorable 🙂 I always love hearing about Dan’s relationships with people who played his parents. Especially Gary Oldman!

  • Ashlynn Evans

    That’s to sweet!