More details emerge about Tom Felton’s “Murder in the First”

Earlier this week, Tom Felton shared a few details about his character Erich Blunt in his upcoming series Murder in the First, and in a new interview he has revealed even more about his television debut, which premieres Monday, June 9.

Rather than follow a typical procedural crime drama format, Murder in the First will use its entire first season to explore the connection between two murders. The prime suspect in the investigation is Felton’s character Erich.

Tom has said of the project,

This is very different from anything I’ve done previously. Not just the very talented cast but the crew as well and what it takes to get nine or ten more pages done a day.

The first season will be comprised of ten episodes, and not even the actors were completely sure of where their characters were headed over the course of the season – or even who the guilty culprit is.

[The showrunners are] reluctant to tell us what happens in the future episodes, so we’re learning as we go. Each episode is about a new education of into the characters and the stories. It certainly went a different way than I was expecting, which makes it a little nerve-racking at first, but I find it exciting…. [the cast have] all speculated [about the murderer] and pointed fingers. We’ve been through every possible scenario, I think, so I’m sure one of us has to be right.

It definitely sounds like Murder in the First is going to be a must-watch show of the summer! Will you be tuning in?

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  • SheaLaLA

    This looks like a good show!

  • Xiong Jianxin

    I’d watch it. Seems interesting when the actors and actresses are still figuring out their characters…

  • I think I’ll be watching this! I just saw a commercial for the show the other day, looks very good.

  • Shelby Lee Manson

    Definitely interested! I would love to see Tom in a different role and community other than Draco.

  • Guest

    Looking forward to seeing Tom in something other that HP

  • Me

    Definitely looking forward to seeing Tom in something other that HP.

  • Leah Lyon

    Cant wait to see him in this!

  • Adam

    a diverse actor so will be good to see how he takes on this roll

  • gymroe1

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Sierra Vennes


  • Lastsolace

    Ah looks so cool!

  • Nalynessa

    Sounds very interesting and just the right fit for Tom!

  • Sarah

    I’ve been really looking forward to seeing how well Tom can act in something so wildly different from Harry Potter. I’m so excited!!

  • Kaylee

    Sounds like it will be interesting. I hope it airs on BBC America.

  • Haylee Eide

    I must see this!

  • Donna Courtney


  • NieNie

    I can’t wait to see it hahaha

  • Haley Regal

    Of course Tom’s playing a suspect, right? Poor Tom, always seen as the bad guy. Really can’t wait for this to be out & can’t wait to watch! Not sure if my other comment posted but yes, I will definitely be tuning in! 🙂

  • HogwartsAlumni

    I saw a teaser trailer for this a while back and even if Tom wasn’t in it I am still excited. Although, I’m obviously more excited since Tom is in it!

  • cahlaylungoh

    This sounds like it will be really cool to watch! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  • RUTH

    This sounds awesome! Love a good crime drama!

  • Julie Jordan

    Can’t wait to see this!

  • Katlyn

    I will so be watching this!!

  • scherervillian

    I think this sounds great. Reminds me a bit of Broadchurch, which I adored.

  • Tahirah RoyalTygalilly Agbamuc


  • Donn Loper

    Cant wait to see this!

  • YAY!

  • Catarina C.

    i’m not usually fond of crime shows but definitely tunning in on this one!

  • potterhead for life

    I cant wait to watch it

  • Laci Leibe

    I can’t wait to see this show!!! I have it set to record so I can watch Malfoy over and over. lol.

  • Meghan

    I’m DVRing it.

  • Jade Raquel Figueroa

    I cant wait to see this!

  • Vivian

    I think this will be really good!

  • erin

    Looks like an interesting film. I think it will be good!

  • Torrey

    This looks so good, can’t wait to see it!

  • Christina Vourcos

    I’ve been noticing the promos for this show. It looks like it will be really good. I’m interested to see Tom Felton in the “Murder in the First.”

  • Maria

    I’m really looking forward to this show! I hope it’s going to be as good as the commercials make it out to be. 🙂

  • Christy Lou

    For some reason this is the first time I’ve heard of this and I’m really excited to see it!!

  • Ellie Rodriguez

    Does anyone know if this will be shown in the US? This is the first I’m hearing of it and would love to get to watch it 🙂

    • Catherine

      I looked it up, and it’s an American show on TNT. Tom Felton will even be pretending to be American.

  • Lynne Grey Madden

    Interesting! I hope we can see it here.

  • Remington Alexander Sprake


  • Francesca Tarallo

    I’m looking forward to watch it, even if I’m italian!

  • Danielle Eatock

    I’ll definitely be watching this 😀

  • Kathryna Erika

    If I read it right, Murder in the First is a TV series. OMG. Lots of Tom Felton for the whole duration of the show. <3<3<3

  • Abaddon

    Tom American accent is so gorgeous and im super excited that Murder in the First is going to be a tv serise.

  • Deanna

    Super excited for this series!!

  • Jenna Goebel

    Can’t wait!

  • Annabell

    TOMMOROW can’t wait!!! So excited. Looks amazing!! 🙂

  • Anika

    Can’t wait looks soooo good! Tom is so amazing 😮

  • α∂яιαηηα

    This looks like it will be an awesome series! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Nuer

    He’s so talented! I wish I could watch this now!

  • Jennifer Lynn Chadwick

    I cannot wait to watch this!!! It looks like it is going to be intense!

  • Semprasectum

    You don’t even give the network it is going to be on . . .either your so lazy or you just don’t really care. . .its on TNT . . but why should posters have to notify readers of base information like this? Jessica, if you don’t want to contribute, just leave your name on the letterhead, but stay away from posting informational articles-YOU don’t do it very good . . .

  • Remy Bradley

    I’m so excited to watch this! I love Tom Felton!

  • Beth Gilchrist

    Love Tom Felton! It’s so exciting to see all of the actors grow and do great things!

  • Amortentia_Rose

    I’ve been seeing his updates on Instagram and all the commercials look so cool!

  • Lori Boothe

    The show sounds really interesting! I’m going to have to watch it!

  • Kylie Elaine

    I love Tom Felton!!! I can’t wait!

  • SnapeSeverus

    Can’t wait for it! I love crime shows so I was going to check it out anyway but Tom being in it makes me want to watch it more.

  • Can’t wait to see Tom Felton in a different role! I will definitely tune in tomorrow.

  • mysterysinger123

    Can’t wait to see Tom in his new role!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Cheyenne Padgett

    Tom is my homeboy

  • Hera

    looks really good! Can’t wait to see Tom in a different role!

  • tslagi13

    I wanna watch! It sounds awesome!

  • Galine Pyro O’shea

    Tom!!!!!!!!! I wanna watchhhh.