MuggleNet Throwback: J.K. Rowling treats us to a “‘Potter’ prequel”

This week’s MuggleNet Throwback is taking us back to June of 2008 when J.K. Rowling penned and sold an 800-word Harry Potter prequel story at auction for a whopping 25,000 GBP (approximately $50,000). The short story is quite possibly one of the only Potter prequels we’re likely to ever see from Rowling, so it’s no wonder the unique treasure sold so well in addition to going toward an excellent cause. Rowling’s prequel was part of a thirteen-story collection that raised money at the What’s Your Story? charity auction to benefit English PEN and Dyslexia Action.

The winning bidder initially won the story anonymously and was later revealed to be Hira Digpal, president of Tokyo-based investment-banking consulting company Red-33. Digpal worked closely with Rowling to assure that the prequel’s monetary profits could be used for a charitable cause, something Rowling has done several times in the past before with projects such as Tales of Beedle the Bard. This particular Potter story revolved around a young James Potter and Sirius Black as they had a quick and comical run-in with Muggle police. Naturally, you can expect nothing short of a good time in this mini adventure!

Shortly after the auction’s conclusion, the prequel was released online in full on June 11, 2008. Rowling confirmed alongside the story’s release that she had no intention of working on a longer prequel of any kind, much to our dismay. But never fear! You can still enjoy the fun of James and Sirius before darker times arrived for the duo in all its magical glory right here on MuggleNet. Check out the prequel, and let us know what you enjoyed most about it. Would you like to see a Potter prequel in novel form?

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