MuggleNet Throwback: The announcement of Pottermore

Three short years ago, the world woke up to an intriguing video announcement from the one and only J.K. Rowling herself talking on and on about a new interactive Harry Potter website for the fans called Pottermore, and just like that, chaos ensued. “More Harry Potter?!” we all wondered eagerly. Yes, more indeed, just not in the way we all thought. So for this week’s MuggleNet Throwback, let’s take a look back at the tumultuous journey that has been Pottermore!

Not much was known about what was to become of the website Rowling announced in partnership with Sony other than that the story of the books would be brought to life in an entirely new way and would feature exclusive written content from Rowling. An initial beta testing period that we’re sure some of you remember with intense zeal and frustration was set up, and gradually, one million lucky fans were allowed on to the site. Queue the Sorting meltdowns.

Since its initial release, Pottermore has given fans a visual treat with an entirely new concept of how the wizarding world could look; anyone who’s been on the site can see how impressive the graphics are. Pottermore has also become one of the only providers of the Harry Potter e-books in their official Pottermore store, something fans have waited years for. And of course, if there’s one thing Pottermore has perhaps succeeded the best at, it’s the site’s incorporation of new written content detailing everything from character backstories (Lupin!) to fascinating explanations of magical objects and everything in between.

Pottermore has met some amount of criticism, though, since its inception. Ask any fan who’s registered for the site, and you’re sure to get a lengthy story detailing their time spent with faulty potion making, glitchy duels, and of course, a very hotly disputed Sorting Hat test. The site has also been known for its lengthy wait times between book releases. But for all of its drawbacks, Pottermore has certainly become a source of amusement and learning for Potter fans around the world. Most recently, the Pottermore Insider blog has been addressing some of the issues the site has faced, including account deletions. You can read the latest updates and view the full journey of Pottermore in our exclusive MuggleNet “Pottermore” section.

What has been your favorite Pottermore discovery thus far?


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  • Mei-Mei

    The best part of this site remains the story of the books. All the portraits of some characters, the knowledge about the wands, and more. You can learn more about this world.