Peeves actor Rik Mayall dies at 56

We are deeply saddened to report that Rik Mayall, who portrayed the character of Peeves in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, has died at age 56. His death was confirmed today by his manager, but there is no information about the cause as of yet.

It is a terrible shock. All we know at this stage is that Rik died at home. 

He touched many lives, and always for the better.

Back in 1998, the actor was involved in a quad bike accident, which put him in a coma for several days.

Some of the Harry Potter cast members have been posting their tributes on Twitter, a few of which you can view below:

Although his scenes were cut from the final product of Sorcerer’s Stone, we’d still like to pay our respects to the late actor and share our sympathy with his loved ones at such a tragic time. Mayall is mostly remembered for his comedic roles in The Young Ones, Bottom, Blackadder, and Drop Dead Fred.

What were your favorite Rik Mayall roles? Would you have loved to have seen his scenes as Peeves? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Jennifer Bogut

    I would LOVE to have seen him as Peeves…I didn’t realize Peeves had even been cast, and he would have been awesome!!! RIP!

  • CoCo

    Drop Dead Fred!

  • Diagonotter

    I loved him in Drop Dead Fred and the Young Ones! Though I knew Peeves had been cast, filmed and cut from the film, I had no idea it was Rik Mayall. Wish we could have a peek at his scenes. RIP Mr Mayall, Wands Up.