Potter Twitter Roundup: The Hulk and the Snorkack

Potter Twitter Roundup: The Hulk and the Snorkack

The Potter-verse grew to an even greater expanse this week as Universal Orlando opened their gates a smidgen for the Diagon Alley preview event. While you have no doubt seen the MuggleNet coverage, members of the cast were also on hand to promote the event via the Twittersphere!

And they were certainly enjoying their time in the park, whether it was at Platform 9 and 3/4…

… in the shops…

… or simply looking a little less cool than Helena Bonham Carter on the iconic bike.

Orlando also took the opportunity to break some BIG park related news.

Elsewhere, Tom and Jamie put their best fashion foot forward.

Team Atlantis got some great news.

And in easily the photo of the week, Neville got Hulk Smashed.

Looking ahead…

That’s all for this week. Who was your favorite tweeter from Universal? Is there anyone you wish has tweeted more? 

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