The walls come down! New Universal Orlando Resort Diagon Alley pictures

It’s nearly time! The walls at London, which hide the magical Diagon Alley, have come down overnight. Muggles still aren’t able to walk through the area, but thanks to our friends at Attractions Magazine, we have a plethora of gorgeous pictures to share with you. ENJOY!

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  • Annie True

    I must go in that phone booth and press 62442.

  • Letha Richardson

    64224 🙂 Will it take us down? Oh I am so excited!!!! I can’t think of anything else!

  • Nicole L Rivera

    No idea when I’ll get to go but I can’t wait! Could they turn the upper floors into apartments and rent them out? How cool would it be to live in the HP theme park! (With unlimited free rides on the Hogwarts Express).