UPDATED: Rumor: New comedic role for Daniel Radcliffe

UPDATE: Two more images have emerged of Dan and his dogs, but this time he is joined by actress Marissa Tomei, who is also rumored to be with the production. We’re really curious now as to what Dan’s role or cameo will be with the film! You can view the new images at the bottom of the gallery below.

UPDATE:  Judd Apatow has tweeted a playful denial of the rumors, saying that Dan was “just walking his dogs.” But considering Dan was also seen filming a scene with Marisa Tomei, no-one seems to be taking the tweet seriously.

While we have received no confirmation of his actual involvement, a new role has been rumored for Daniel Radcliffe in the Judd Apatow comedy, Trainwreck. While next to nothing is known about the film since details are being kept a secret, pictures from the set were leaked today of Dan in Bryant Park in New York City surrounded by dogs. You can view the photos below while we try to confirm if this new role is true or not!

The film is set for a July 24, 2015, release and has a number of well-known stars attached to it, including Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, and WWE’s John Cena.

What do you think of Dan’s rumored role? Considering the photos that were released, what would you guess the movie will be about? Let us know by commenting below!