“Alohomora!” Episode 93: “Brilliant, But Stupid” – now available!

Anyone thirsty? MuggleNet’s global book club, Alohomora!, continues its reread of the Harry Potter series by journeying through Chapter 16 of Order of the Phoenix. Join Laura, Michael, and Rosie, along with guest host and Alohomora! editor, Patrick,  for a Butterbeer “In the Hog’s Head.” Just be sure to bring your own glass!

On Episode 93 we discuss…

→ Episode 92 recap: Spell science; Hogwarts detentions; Muggle vs. wizarding schools; Hermione is the best person ever
→ PQotW responses
→ Hermione’s poor planning skills
→ All about Aberforth
→ Hogwarts gossip
→ Harry’s vindication
Question of the Week
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  • DisKid

    What you said about how grades are in this series got me thinking. I never thought about the fact that once they take their OWLS and NEWTS that’s the last chance they ever get and it forever writes off a number of careers for them. In the United States you can take the SATs and ACTs again. Supposed one of these students got really ill and were unable to perform as well, it’s forever stuck with them.

    Another thing is most people change their mind about what they want to do with the rest of their life. There’s not many people in this world who have the same desire for a career when they’re 25 as they did when they were 15. They’re basically asking 15 year olds to choose what they want to do forever and if they change their mind when they’re in their 20s, they’re stuck. They can’t go back and take classes they now need for their new career ambition.

    I wonder what JK Rowling would say to this. Do wizards really have to decide at the young age of 15 what they want to do then it’s stuck? Or is that equal to high school teacher scare where they make you think if you don’t go to college immediately and decide what you want to do right then you’re stuck forever when in actuality that is not at all true. Perhaps JK Rowling knows ways where the ex-students can take classes again. Maybe they offer them at the ministry for a fee.

    • Halfbloodprincess

      I believe you can return to Hogwarts, as it is mentioned by JK Rowling that Hermione returned to Hogwarts to finish her education after the events of Deathly Hallows.

      • DisKid

        I remember that, yes. But is that something that happens on a regular basis? Deathly Hallows events were considered extraordinary circumstances, even by the new ministry. Usually to be an auror you absolutely must take your NEWTs, but the minister decided it was a special circumstance and allowed students who fought in the battle to take auror tests without their last year. So can wizards come back and take classes/tests again when they want? Or was that an exception because Hermione was out for her 7th year defeating Voldemort who screwed up the curriculum for that year anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if the ministry recommended everybody retake their school year for that time.

  • House of Black

    The show isn’t coming up on iTunes.