Gleesons reunite on screen in “Calvary”

Brendan Gleeson, Mad-Eye Moody in the Potter films, recently discussed his new role in the film Calvary with Indiewire. In the film Gleeson plays a troubled priest facing the consequences of being wrongly accused of a crime. The events of the film are inspired by real life controversies within the Catholic Church and the emotional tolls that they cause. Gleeson discussed the struggles that his character would face in everyday life are what drew him to the role:

Your life is utterly changed from that moment on. It’s such a heinous accusation. I was thinking about how you would cope with that, particularly, giving your life to doing good things, to be besmirched with all of that. How would you cope?

The film reunites Gleeson with his son Domhnall, who played Bill Weasley in the Potter films. Brendan describes working with his son again:

Well, with Domhnall we didn’t talk for about a week before we went in there. We came from separate corners, and we went at it. It was obviously delightful to have him back at the end of the day as my son, but for those moments it was actor on actor and character on character, and we had quite a confrontational scene. It was intense, and I’m very proud of it because it was proper and satisfying.

Read the full interview here. Check out a trailer and find out more about the film here. The film is due for release early August.

Will you being seeing the film when it is released in your area?


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