OWLS: Overall test results and winner recap

The Great Hall officially closed its doors at midnight this past Sunday night to all witches and wizards, and the exams have all been graded by the Ministry of Magic Wizarding Examinations Authority. The results are in, and owls are being dispatched to our students houses. Here are the results of your hard work:

Number of exams taken – 29,608

  • Outstanding – 2,648 (9%)
  • Exceeds Expectation – 3,331 (11%)
  • Acceptable – 6,914 (23%)
  • Poor – 8,155 (28%)
  • Dreadful – 7,299 (25%)
  • Troll – 1,044 (4%)

Number of candidates who took exams – 8,749

  • Number of candidates who took ALL twelve exams – 842
  • Number of candidates who PASSED ALL twelve exams – 157
  • Number of candidates who achieved OUTSTANDING on ALL twelve exams – 13

Here are the thirteen extraordinary Hermione-ish students who know their Harry Potter trivia and received OUTSTANDING on ALL twelve OWL exams:

  • Allison
  • Bryony Dennison
  • Denise Baughn
  • Deydre N. Contreras
  • Emma Hook
  • Gargi
  • Minh Nguyet Tran
  • Prophecy Rose
  • Risa Cullen
  • Sissy Floretta
  • Steliza Bat
  • Sylvia Greybe
  • Virginia

Finally, we congratulate our ONE randomly selected candidate who was the winner of the special Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop on Amazon prize package



You may still have your exam results eowled to you by heading over to the OWL exam section and submitting a request.

Finally, if you missed the exams this year or feel you did not do as well as you hoped, you have a full year to study since the next set of OWL exams will be administered in June of 2015.

Thank you to all who participated!

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  • Emma Hook


    • Congrats! That is quite an accomplishment! 🙂
      I didn’t take them this year, but I understand how difficult they are.

      • Emma Hook

        Haha, thanks! They were pretty tough. I think I’m prouder of this than I am of my actual grades.