Potter Twitter Roundup: Lights, Camera, Dog walk!

This week’s roundup begins with possibly the most bizarre image of Radcliffe we’ve ever seen!

No-one should look this cool smoking/ whilst dog walking. Dam you DanRad! But Daniel wasn’t the only one on set this week. 

Not technically this week but, photos!

You can now watch Bonnie’s short film, as well as entering to win some gold! 

Another pap shot, this time of the fabulous John Hurt. 

If you’re in the right location, grab this film bargain from iTunes.

Not feeling a movie? Have a read.

Or perhaps take note of this musical recommendation.

The Jessie Cave Tweet of the Week.

How very mysterious…

And the latest Potter do-gooders are the fabulous fans behind this Lumos fundraiser.

And that’s a wrap. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite tweets in the comments section below, or to share this post across the likes of Facebook, Twitter and more. Till next week!

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