Special video interview: MuggleNet talks with star and “Potter” fan Jim Curry from the upcoming fantasy show “The Quest” on ABC

Yesterday, MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk held an exciting new video interview with Jim Curry, Harry Potter fan and Muggle Quidditch star from the University of Arkansas, to discuss his role in the upcoming hit reality television show, The Quest.

About the show:

The executive producer of The Lord of the Rings has joined forces with the creators and producers of The Amazing Race to conjure a land of magic and malevolence, where mythical creatures lurk in the woods. For 12 lucky souls, a fantastic world will come alive in a unique competition series where players will engage in epic challenges.

The interview shares clips from the upcoming show and discusses exactly how Jim was selected by the producers of the show, some of the events that took place, where the filming for the show occurred, and Jim’s future plans as a Potter fan and new television star. The interview is completely SPOILER FREE and can be viewed in its entirety RIGHT HERE!

The Quest will air on ABC beginning July 31 at 8:00 p.m. EDT. Check television guides for the channel and time in your area. Follow their Facebook page and the ABC website for all the updates and details of the show.

Good Luck, Jim!

jim curry


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