Trailer released for Quidditch documentary, “Mudbloods”

Trailer released for Quidditch documentary, “Mudbloods”

We previously posted the poster for Mudbloods, and now the first trailer has debuted for the upcoming documentary film about Muggle Quidditch. The film, which is directed by UCLA student Farzad Sangari, and which premiered at the AFI Docs Film Festival this past June, follows the UCLA Quidditch team as they make their way to the fifth annual IQA World Cup Tournament in New York City.

The Kickstarter-funded documentary film will be available on demand and in limited theatrical release this October. Check out the trailer below:

Will you be checking this out when it’s released in the fall? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Deamusisheaven


  • Sara Malfoy


    I want to go to a college with a team or join a team and do this. I feel like, as someone who has never really enjoyed sports, this is where I belong. This is something I really could do, and I have faith in that. Maybe someday you’ll be seeing me at the Quidditch World Cup. Who knows? Let’s just hope that the Harry Potter legacy keeps our brooms high in the sky, and someday, I promise you, you’ll be seeing me and so many others in a place where we truly belong.