UPDATED: J.K. Rowling writes about older Harry in Pottermore update

Over the past few months, J.K. Rowling has been regularly updating Pottermore with World Cup updates. With the Daily Prophet match reports being written by Ginny Potter, we have had a glimpse into the future world of Harry and the wizarding world after the books ended.

But now, it has been revealed that J.K. Rowling is to upload a piece today by Rita Skeeter, which includes a real glimpse into the world of Harry and his friends.

The Bookseller reports how Harry is described in the piece:

Harry, now turning 34, has ‘threads of silver’ in his black hair and also sports a mysterious cut over his cheekbone, which Skeeter deduces has been inflicted as part of his top-secret career as an Auror, a specialist officer trained to apprehend evil wizards.

The Bookseller further reveals,

The career of his friend Ron Weasley, whose ‘famous ginger hair appears to be thinning slightly’, is also examined by Skeeter. Their wives Ginny and Hermione, their children, and their friends, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom, are all featured in the article.

Despite this piece, however, J.K. Rowling has

‘no plans’ to write any further stories about the older Harry.

UPDATE: The piece is now available on Pottermore to read!

The story appears in the Daily Prophet section as part of the gossip column, written by Rita Skeeter herself! Containing typical Rita Skeeter speculations about the state of the trio, their lives, and those around them, as well as revealing that she is to publish a biography about Dumbledore’s Army, the piece gives us a glimpse into Harry’s world!

Make sure you check out the full piece at Pottermore and tell us what you think!

How excited are you to get a glimpse into Harry’s future? What do you think of the piece?

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  • chudleycannon05

    Rita is annoying as ever, but the column was sweet and hilarious! Definitely worth a trip to Pottermore (even if it took me a few minutes to figure out the layout because I haven’t been there in a few years…)

  • This is the best thing to come out of Pottermore – I cannot express the joy I felt while reading this!

  • Hufflepug

    Ron as the co-owner of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes :’) Fred would have been proud. Excuse me while I cry real quick.

  • It was so awesome! it was very amusing that it was in Rita’s perspective! Love it!

  • PotterFan1029

    Awesomeeeee! Jo writing as Rita is priceless!

  • HB

    Never thought i would appreciate another Skeeter article! i love the new information about the dumbledore’s army characters, even if i am a bit disappointed that there is no mention of any longbottom children …..

  • Caleb

    Great article. Maybe there will be more than one reason to celebrate July 31st?

  • Silverdoe25

    Spectacular! Rita Skeeter at her finest!

  • Toasted the Phoenix

    Is this a new book? so good to read good old rita and that quick quotes quill of her again, I love the new Pottermore info. 🙂

  • Gryffindor_Seeker_7

    This was amazing. It’s so good to hear about the Super Six in their later years. I just love them all so much!!

  • Guest

    You want more news about this, Mugglenet? JK Rowling contradicted herself! In the interview a few years ago, about what was happening around the time of the epilogue, that Ron Weasley was an Auror with Harry revolutionizing the Ministry. In fact, he was apparently an Auror around the time of the epilogue (THREE YEARS after Rita Skeeter’s article), when Harry was the Head of the Department. Rita Skeeter, and JK Rowling, say that he left the department after two years to work at WWW with his brother. Hmmm… quite contradictory, eh?

  • Anon

    JK Rowling didn’t contradict herself. She said in 2007 that Ron was an auror then he became George’s partner in the joke shop business. She has never said when Ron left the aurors. Now we know. Most of what said in Rita’s article had already been revealed in 2007.

    • Guest

      The interview had to do with the information about the epilogue three years AFTER Rita’s article (her article takes place at the present time, July 2014). Ron was in the department when Harry was Head Auror. I don’t think he became Head Auror so early in his career. Plus it says Harry and Ron revolutionized the Auror department, and that is what they were known most for. I don’t think that could come from Ron working “two years” as an Auror.

      • Anon

        JK Rowling has never said Ron was an Auror when Harry was head Auror. I think some people have been filling in their own blanks and not actually going by what JK Rowling said. Harry didn’t become head auror until he was 27. Ron had already left by then.

        Harry, Ron, and Neville went straight into the Auror department after the Battle of Hogwarts. Ron and Neville didn’t stay. We don’t know when Neville left. But we now know Ron stayed for two years. Of course that’s enough time to capture the last of the Deatheaters and help Kingsley revolutionize the department. There is no contradictions here. Everything new revealed fits with what JK Rowling said in 2007.

    • dafnesan

      Well, two years do seem a bit too little to “revolutionize the Auror Departmen”. I always thought that Ron left after Rose’s birth, to help Hermione with the child. Eight years would have been enough to do something significant in the department, but two?

  • dafnesan

    Another strange thing is that Viktor Krum is still the Bulgarian seeker. Isn’t he a bit too old to play Quidditch? How old is he, 38?

  • Soaid

    Feel like there’s two Potter fans: 1.) The ones who want ANY and ALL information that Jo gives us on the wizarding world and 2.) Those who think that the sanctity of canon is diminished by all these tidbits. I am LOVING everything Jo has been doing lately, and am still eager for more, more, more! I am still fascinated and intrigued by all the glimpses we are still getting when it comes to Potter. The fandom feels more alive now than it has since the last movie came out. I understand the #2 types’ perspectives, but hate any type of negativity surrounding all this- especially since I think most people are pretty excited by all this! If you don’t want any of the new info, don’t read it! Doesn’t change the fact that once again, the fandom was absolutely buzzing this week, in a good way. 🙂