• Seamus Finnigans’ Mum

    Again, Pottermore kind of disappoints me…some of it was cool, but nothing about how the potion that brought Voldemort back to his body worked? Really??? Voldemort gave some very vague detail about it in the book in the graveyard, but couldn’t we get some more? Where else to give us this info but on Pottermore?

  • Winkyxx

    The movements are beautiful, I just wish there was something that entertained us more than just 30 minutes or so. But Pottermore is improving!

  • Midnight7

    I’m a Ravenclaw, I thought we were suppose to have 1st access, I never saw a notice that we had 24 hrs to view before the other houses.

    • Victoria91

      Unfortunately they did not give us an email, you had to keep an eye out on the ‘Insider’ to know the early admittance date.