Lumos’s annual report: “Lumos by Numbers”

There is still much to be done to transform the lives of eight million children in institutions worldwide – including raising awareness and challenging the misconception around the world that orphanages are ‘necessary’ and ‘good’ for children in adversity, which they are not.

We recently posted some extracts from Lumos‘s annual review for 2013 (an extract is quoted above). Now, the charity has released an infographic, recording in numbers what the charity has achieved in 2013.

From the press release:

The growing global momentum to free children from harmful institutionalised and orphanage care was boosted this week (5-8 August) when over 40 senior government figures from ten countries around the globe come to London to learn how to transform their care systems.
This unique, specialist Lumos training course in London coincides with the release of it’s [sic] latest review of 2013 activity, which show[s] how the charity has performed across many different levels to effect significant change to end the institutionalisation of children…
See a snap shot of our how we are working towards ending the institutionalisation of children, and with your support, we will continue to build on helping more children back to a family life.

Lumos Infographic 2013

Find out more about the charity here, and read the full news piece here, where you can also read the full annual report.

It looks like the charity is making a difference, helped by the support of all of you out there – let’s hope that Lumos can continue to make a difference!