MuggleNet Exclusive: Bloomsbury reveals new Jonny Duddle back cover images

As I’m sure you’re aware, Bloomsbury is reprinting the Harry Potter novels with new covers illustrated by Jonny Duddle. Last week we were able to reveal to you the final four new covers, as well as an exclusive interview with Jonny.

Now here at MuggleNet we are delighted to be able to exclusively reveal to you the back cover images for all seven books!

In our interview with Jonny, we learned that each back cover, as in the original editions of the books, would feature a different character. With under a month to go until the new editions are released, we can finally see them for ourselves. Once again, these wonderful images seem to capture the life and magic of each character represented. Check them out below, and let us know what you think of these fabulous new images!


And if you missed it, catch up with our interview here.

The books, together with their new covers, are due to be published by Bloomsbury in the UK on September 1.

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  • Jim Walton

    Hedwig is rather nice for PS/SS sadly the same can’t be said of the other 6, particularly Dobby (you can tell he worked for Aardman) the Knight Bus (which appears to have taken inspiration from the Lloyds TSB adverts animation) & the Motorbike from the 7 Potters (Harry looks about 10)

  • Howapt

    Gorgeous designs with lots of character. Love Snape and Malfoy in particular. Excellent work.

  • theconsultingdramaqueen

    Nitpicking, I know, but the first one shouldn’t be labeled Hedwig, since it’s obviously a barn owl, (you can see the difference in the illustration for book 7). The seal suggests it’s one of the owls that brought Harry a Hogwarts acceptance letter. I love the design, though.