MuggleNet Throwback: Our first look at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

MuggleNet Throwback: Our first look at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Already, the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour has been open for a little more than two years, and fans are still continuing to flock to its location in Watford, just outside of London, as if it were opening day. But it was about three years ago this week that we got an exciting first look at the Tour, which consisted of exciting new concept art and one heck of a trailer previewing the magic visitors would be treated to at Leavesden where all eight Harry Potter films were shot.

Cast members, including lead stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, all appear in the trailer to discuss the excitement of filming at Leavesden during their childhoods and the incredible level of detail that went into the sets. Radcliffe mentioned how personal his connection was:

It’s home to us. You know, we were there for ten years, and it was lovely seeing those amazing sets everyday.

Now that the Studio Tour has been open, have you gotten a chance to visit, yet? Let us know in the comments what your favorite sets were to visit and which ones you’re most looking forward to seeing if you haven’t gone, yet!

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