New “Underdogs” clip released

Back in June, we reported the release of the first trailer for Rupert Grint’s new animated movie Underdogs. Now, we bring to you a new clip from the film. The clip, titled Flash Arrives,” shows a spectacular display in the arrival of soccer superstar Flash (voiced by Anthony Head), an enemy from Grint’s character Amadeo’s past. Watch the clip below:

Along with Grint and Head, they are also joined by the voices of Rob Brydon and Ralf Little. About the casting of Grint and Brydon, director Juan José Campanella only had good things to say about them, stating that they were “inspired and […] my perfect cast.”

The Unbeatables, as the movie is known in the UK,  is due to hit British theaters on August 15. Meanwhile, Underdogs will hit US theaters four months later on January 15.

What did you think of the new clip? Will you be going to see it when it is released? Let us know in the comments below.

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