Videos: Daniel Radcliffe on UK TV and radio – plus, more interview clips!

Another week and another collection of recent Daniel Radcliffe interviews! What If is out this week in the UK, so Daniel has continued to promote the film over in the UK, appearing on TV and radio to discuss this and his Harry Potter past.

In a Q&A session at the Apple store, Daniel spoke about his Harry Potter past, once again, saying,

I don’t think there’s ever going to be one film in people’s minds that finally separates me from Harry, and I don’t think I ever will be separated from Harry, and I don’t want to be.

It was an incredibly important part of my life and something I still love, and I’m very proud of, but I think this film, like Kill Your Darlings was and like The Woman in Black was, is just another step in showing people that I am interested in doing other things and that I’m just going to be sort of popping up as an actor now, doing jobs away from the world you might have seen me in in the past.

He also spoke about playing a comedic role for the first time:

I’d never done comedy, really, on screen before,” he explained. “To be able to do a whole film where your job every day was to turn up and make the person in the scene with you laugh rather than to have some sort of emotional breakdown or save a dying child from a train, or whatever it is I’ve done in other films.

“It was nice to be able to turn up and be myself every day. I mean, it is the most like myself of any character I’ve ever played, I think.”

He added,

I’ve made a lot of very dark films since Potter, and it’s not necessarily that that’s a choice; it’s just that’s the kind of stuff I gravitate towards, so it was nice to find something that was light and you felt would make people happy.

Daniel also appeared on BBC Radio One with Scott Mills, where he played a round of the station’s Innuendo Bingo. Watch a video of Daniel playing below. It’s worth watching for Daniel’s reactions – but be warned, there is some mild adult humor:

Daniel was also on The One Show, a TV program on BBC1. While on the show, Daniel discussed What If and tried out his best prime minister voice. The show is available to watch in the UK on BBC Iplayer, but for those elsewhere, here’s a YouTube video with clips of Daniel’s appearance:

Elsewhere, Now Toronto has released some extra extracts from their recent interview with Daniel that didn’t make it into the final cut. Among the outtakes, Daniel reveals advice that Harry Potter star Gary Oldman gave him:

He told me once that I had ‘fuck-you money.’ We had a conversation once, just about careers and all that, and he said [slipping briefly into Oldman’s accent], ‘You have fuck-you money. So use it.’ It just means you get to make the kind of career for yourself that you want. Like, all my friends – you get an audition, it doesn’t matter what the script’s like. You’re going in for it. And if you get it, you do it. And to be able to say no, to have some control over where my career is going – yeah, it’s amazing.

He also says about fame,

Fame’s weird and silly, and you just have to laugh at it whenever you can. Because it’s ridiculous.

Have you seen What If, yet? What are your thoughts? Or are you planning on seeing it soon?

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