Madam Rosmerta’s Featured Recipe: Fizzing Whizbee

Our latest featured Madam Rosmerta’s Recipe depicts the texturally explosive Fizzing Whizbees which was cleverly cooked up by Sierra, who routinely blogs and reviews at her site Bookyum. Whether we have read The Prisoner of Azkaban or visited Honeydukes at Universal Studios, Fizzing Whizbees are one of those candies that have captivated us with its peculiar sounding name and hard to imagine physical description. Is it shaped like a bee? Or a frisbee perhaps?

After coming across both currently licensed versions, Sierra set out to create one that matched the “massive sherbert ball” description it received in the novel. As she soon found out, this type of sherbert is actually a candy powder that creates a fizzing effect when put into your mouth. To get it to work for her recipe Sierra explained:

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid (the main ingredient in Kool-Aid) make a fizzy reaction when you put them together, just like baking soda and vinegar. The reaction won’t happen unless the two get wet, so by using coconut oil to form the balls instead of water, you are saving the reaction for when you pop the candy in your mouth!”

Clever! The spectrum of flavors and colors in which these can be created is broad:  blue raspberry, orange, lemon-lime, strawberry, and pretty much any other sweet or citrus essence you can access. While the recipe does take some time to fully set (24 hours) we think that the novelty and sheer fun atmosphere it creates would make a welcome addition to any entertaining event. Especially when you might need an extra kick or pop to set off everyone’s taste buds and get the conversations flowing.

Thanks again to Sierra for this curious and fun addition. Be sure to get the recipe in its entirety over at our Madam Rosmerta’s Recipe section. As usual, if anyone thinks they have or know someone who has created a dish inspired by the series then feel free to submit it via our contact page. Until next time, happy tasting!