A very Harry Christmas: A recap of Pottermore’s “Half-Blood Prince” release

As we previously reported, over the past 12 days Pottermore has been releasing new moments from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as a Christmas treat. Despite rumors, these were not 12 new stories, but there was some new writing from J.K. Rowling included in this release.

To access this new release, Pottermore had users answer a riddle each day. If you didn’t get the chance to see or answer these riddles, we’ve listed them below for you:

Pottermore's Rhyming Riddles

Some of the most exciting new information from this Pottermore release included a more in-depth look at Draco Malfoy and Florean Fortescue.

In the moment “Avada Kedavra,” we learned that Draco’s actions toward Harry were motivated by envy and the desire to imitate his father, though J.K. Rowling writes that he later changed his life slightly. She also admitted she was “unnerved” by many readers’ attraction to Draco (though she does not “discount the appeal of Tom Felton”) and that she is firm on the point that “[Draco] and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.”

In the moment “Ninety-Three, Diagon Alley,” Rowling revealed a ghost plot surrounding Florean Fortescue, the ice cream shop owner first introduced in Prisoner of Azkaban and mentioned as kidnapped in Half-Blood Prince. A descendant of a former Hogwarts headmaster, Florean was intended to give Harry information on the Elder Wand and Ravenclaw’s diadem. However, this information was later provided by other characters, and JKR said that she feel “guilty” for his kidnapping and death because, she writes, “it was all my fault.”

This is only a taste of the new information revealed in Half-Blood Prince. Enjoy this entire gift of new moments on Pottermore today!

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