• Jacinta

    How do I verify my entries under the “Bring your friends” section? I’ve completed all the other entries 🙂

  • natasha

    when you say all do you mean the hidden clue, hidden image, and the answer to the trivia question?

    • Not sure what you are asking here Natasha. Scroll over the image of the sorting had on the advent page and locate the hidden window (it’ll open up a small image below it). When you hover your mouse over the small image, you will also see a written clue. Use those clues to find out hidden location somewhere on the site. There you will see a special trivia question that you must answer on the Rafflecopter entry form that is located under the Advent page image.

      Does that help?

      • Natasha

        I think I figured it out. .. hopefully. But my question was concerning the answer we needed to put in. Did we need just need the trivia answer? or the image description and clue with the trivia answer?

  • Tomas Ceyssens


  • daisyduck

    I cannot see a question ??

    • You need to find the special daily webpage that holds the daily question. Use the image and written clues we provide to you within the sorting hat image.

      Good luck!

    • You need to find the special daily webpage that holds the daily question. Use the image and written clues we provide to you within the sorting hat image.

      Does this help?

      Good luck!

      • daisyduck

        Nope, no pop up hidden window for me.. good luck everyone who sticks with it.. I give up !

  • caroline tokes

    i also cant see the question

  • Merida

    I’ve tried in vain for the Rafflecopter entry form to load and it is just not working. 🙁

  • greig spencer


  • MissWhimsy

    I can’t see anything on the painting? I’m trying on a brand new laptop, and I’ve gone over the painting like a million times by now. I’ve even been told where it should be by a friend, but nothing pops up…

    • Every browser works: IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome. What browser are you using?

  • Mahalia Sutton- Ally

    Maybe its my age but this is confusing me i go to the picture i see something and i am looking around each website not sure what i am looking for am i looking for a picture and i hovering over every page i am not sure Any help would be appreciated

    • If you see the image and hover your mouse over the image you will also see a hidden written clue. Using these clues, we have a daily trivia question hidden on the page that these clues would represent. Once you see the trivia question, answer it within that Rafflecopter entry form under the Sorting Hat image on the original Advent page.

      Does this help? ?

  • Jim

    I’m with Mahalia; I cannot find this hidden trivia question. I won’t give it away, but I found the image and the text that appears if you hover over it. I then went to the website belonging to the trademark-image in the image that pops up from the painting. Neither on that site or on the suggested sites MuggleNet, MuggleNet Interactive, Alohomora, or MuggleNet Live!, do I find anything that says “CONGRATULATIONS”.

    We’ve been at it on and off as an entire family for over 2 hours with no luck.

    • Same here. Well, I have to study for finals, so I can’t dedicate any more time to this. :/

    • Yesterday’s hidden page was on the Charity page under the Lumos tab. Hope you found it. If not, try it again today.

  • Adri

    The trivia question I found doesn’t say Congratulations, it just provides the link to answer the question. Is that what we’re looking for?

  • Julia

    okay clicked the “answer the trivia question” button & it just brings me back to the same page with no option to enter my answer ???

    • RowenaRules

      The same thing happened to me, I can’t find where to submit my answer!

    • Adri

      When it brings you back to the page, scroll down to below the picture. There should be a box there that says Trivia day 2 or something. Click the box and it will open up and allow you to enter your answer. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Julia

        I ended up having to sign out & sign in with my facebook ! i’m glad i figured it out hah there was like an hour left of the contest

  • Merope Riddle

    I have some words popping up for me but no picture so I’m not sure if it’s the correct thing. I dont really understand what is going on here. Is everyone having problems?

    • Allow for JavaScript or blocked content.

  • Gabriella Saucedo

    When will people find out if they won?

    • We send an email to the winner the following day. After we have confirmation from Winner, their name is placed on the Advent Page.

  • potter

    I’m on the right page for the clue today but there’s no sign or hat that says what the trivia question is

  • Merope Riddle

    Is anyone else having a problem getting the answer page to load? I have missed out on answering two questions because the Rafflecopter page never comes up.

  • Guest

    I would just like to say thank you for having a competition like this every year, each time possible for people from all countries to compete. It’s really kind and sweet, so thanks! 🙂

    This is my 3rd year competing and even though I get the answers right every day, I’ve never won. But knowing that there’s another chance waiting in the following year gives so much hope, and that is a prize of its own.

    So thanks again, and take care! Merry Christmas everyone ^^