J.K. Rowling reveals new “Potter” tidbits on Twitter!

It was a happy day indeed for Potter fans when J.K. Rowling joined Twitter – especially since for the past few months she’s been more active than ever in responding to fan questions. And today, perhaps in honor of yesterday’s Harry Potter Book Night, Jo has answered three Potter questions from fans!

First, she thanks everyone for their tweets about Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Book Night:

Then, she launches into the good stuff – revealing information about the Potter universe!

@CharlsEC wondered why 12 Grimmauld Place was in Muggle London. The answer:

In response to @EmyBemy2 asking whatever happened to Fluffy:

Finally, a somewhat disgruntled response to @llamaofthelab about a fan theory from Tumblr:

And then, alas, it was all over:

What Potter-related question do you dream of having answered on Twitter?

  • Susan Schutjes

    And she just posted another!

    Hannah Anderson @hanzandz
    .@jk_rowling @llamaofthelab but what about the resurrection stone from the ring that still worked even after its horcrux was destroyed?
    J.K. Rowling ✔ @jk_rowlingFollow
    .@hanzandz The crack in the stone was irreparable. Only Dumbledore cd have extracted the soul fragment but left the original charm intact.
    5:35 PM – 6 Feb 2015