UPDATE: Pack your trunks for Expo Patronum, new guests to be announced!

UPDATE: Get ready, fans! The MuggleNet Live! team has been hard at work and will be announcing not one but TWO additional special guests this Tuesday! Not even MuggleNet staff members are being told who these guests are – the anticipation is killing us! Who do you think our next special guest announcements will be?

So you have your ticket to London and MuggleNet Live! 2015: Expo Patronum, but you’re still struggling with what to pack? Are you still trying to decide if you should spend your money on a ticket? Let us offer some suggestions that are sure to be useful in the coming months as you prepare for a Harry Potter fandom experience like no other!

STICK TO YOUR TICKET! Make sure you have your boarding passes, passport, and ID, and get registered for the Expo as well as our Signature Experience. There will be no access to Expo Patronum via Floo Powder, Thestral, Portkey, Apparition, or secret, twin Vanishing Cabinets from Borgin and Burkes. Although… Tom Felton is welcome to attend by any means possible.

Tom Felton Great

The password is COSPLAY! We definitely want to see your cosplay, so start airing out Aunt Tessie’s dress robes. We’ve got some great MuggleNet swag you can purchase when registering, and don’t forget about your House pride. Wear your House colors in any way you can – get creative! Why not impress our special guests by dressing up as their characters from the films? Cosplay as Jon Campling’s Death Eater from the Hogwarts Express, or put together your own Smeltings Academy uniform in honor of Harry Melling.

Harry Melling Smeltings

MISCHIEF MANAGED! Bring all the necessary equipment – this includes your key to your bank vault at Gringotts, your DA coin so that you know where to meet your friends, snacks from the trolley, and chocolate because… well, CHOCOLATE! It’s just good to have, right? Don’t forget to pack your wand but not in your pocket – you don’t want to spend your time in London at St. Mungo’s because you cursed off one or both of your buttocks, do you? Always practice wand safety!

mischief managed

Whatever you do, DO NOT bring any Horcruxes. We all know how much trouble THEY can be. If Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle, CoS), Frank Dillane (teenage Tom Riddle, HBP), and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (11-year-old Tom Riddle, HBP) want to join us sans Horcrux, we’re sure the Ministry of Magic will allow it, provided Nagini stays at home!


Finally, what you want to take away from Expo Patronum is the EXPERIENCE. Cameras are encouraged. Talking about your trip before, during, and after on social media is, too! We want to hear what part of Expo Patronum you’re excited about, which guest you’re most looking forward to meeting, and above all, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime with us in London! Blog, post, Instagram, and tweet about it using #ExpoPatronum – and don’t forget to include MuggleNet and our special guests in your tweets! Most of them use social media, and they love hearing from and responding to you! The fandom is far from over – we’re just getting started!

Always Snape

For those already registered, here’s some great cover art and a profile picture you can use to show your followers that you’re attending, created by our own Elayna from the social media team! Take a look!

If you’re still thinking about coming to Expo Patronum but haven’t purchased a ticket yet, there’s still time! There are more announcements to come and a lot of special guests to make your trip well worth the price. Head over to our FAQ page, and then register to join us in April! We can’t wait to meet you!

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